Flash messaging in laravel

Flash massages is a medium of communicate to the user. Its just something the user intended to do or some information appears by application.

Let's see example of flash messages :

Route::get('default', function(){
    return view('default');
Route::get('flash', function(){
    return Redirect::to('default')->with('message','This is my flash message');

there are routes are defined.

1. flash route : Redirecting to default route and also generating a message for passing

2.default route : This time the flash message is passing through default route to default.blade.php page.

Create new view file default.blade.php

<?php use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Session; ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>Title of the document</title>
    {!! Session::get('message') !!}        
<br>    This is default page

Test above code:

Put url yourmachinename/flash to your browser address bar. After press enter, Url will immediately redirected to yourmachinename/default.

You will see a flash message This is my flash message with others body part of default view page.


Passing flash messages through controllers :

Check my Controller bookController. There are add record, update record and delete record flash messages are passes through controller methods.


class BookController extends Controller{
    public function store(PublishBookRequest $requestData)
        $book = new Book;
        $book->title= $requestData['title'];
        $book->description= $requestData['description'];
        $book->author= $requestData['author'];

        //Flash message for add new record
        return redirect()->route('book.index')->with('message', 'New record has been added!');

	 * Update the specified resource in storage.
	 * @param  int  $id
	 * @return Response
	public function update($id, PublishBookRequest $requestData)
        $book = Book::find($id);

        $book->title = $requestData['title'];
        $book->description = $requestData['description'];
        $book->author = $requestData['author'];

        //Flash message for update record
	    return redirect()->route('book.index')->with('message', 'Record has been updated!');
	 * Remove the specified resource from storage.
	 * @param  int  $id
	 * @return Response
	public function destroy($id)

        //Flash message for delete record
        return redirect()->route('book.index')->with('message', 'Record deleted successfully!');


View section :

        <div class="alert alert-info messageBox" id="myModal" >{!! Session::get('message') !!}</div>

Place above code in view section. You can control flash messages with the use of client side languages like css bootstrap or jquery. 

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