Create Project in Google Developer Console

To use social login in our website we need to register our app to social sites, It can be quite daunting task, when I first opened social sites for registration, it was overwhelming and took me while to gather all pieces of puzzle, let me show how you can register your app with ease.

I will demonstrate how to register your app in google to enable social login in your website.

Steps to create new Project for OAuth in Google Developer Console

1- Open Google Developer Console, if you are not signed in, then sign in first to proceed further.


2- Click on create project button as shown below.


3- Choose a name for your app and click create.


4- Now go to side navigation and select Credentials inside APIs & auth.


5-Click Add Credentials and select OAuth 2.0 Client ID from the drop-down menu.


6- Now click configure consent screen.


7- Fill your app details and click save.


8-Now select Web Application and fill your authorized JavaScript origin and Authorized Redirect URI(callback URI) and click create.


9- After That google will generate your Client Id and Client Secret which you can now use in your app.


10- Before you can use these credentials, you have to enable Google Plus API, now select  APIs inside API's & auth submenu, In social API's menu, select Google Plus API.


11- Click Enable API button, now you can use this app in a website.


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