Apr 12, 2015

Create Middleware in Laravel 5

How to create a new middleware

Laravel 5 included a new feature middleware, Which does not let entering within app until user passed several conditions. creating a middleware which allow users to download files.

Nov 30, -0001

Eloquent ORM Basic Usage

Easy and Simple Eloquent.

Eloquent ORM(Object Relational Mapper) has wonderful mechanism for querying from the database, Every database table has a mapping model or each Eloquent model represents a single database table.

Nov 30, -0001

CRUD appication in Laravel 5

CRUD(Create read update delete) Structure where we creating a new Controller, Model, Migration and Requests, forms with blade engine and validations

Nov 30, -0001

AngularJS and Javascript Minification

Write Angular code which servives minification

Each time you create Controller, Directives, Modules in Angular, it uses dependency injection concept to inject objects, dependency injection looks for parameters passed to closure as string and finds matching component, we will see how to make this work in minified js file.

Nov 30, -0001

Using Forms in Laravel 5 Blade Templating Engine

Getting Form Facade to work with Laravel 5

Form Facades has beem removed from laravel 5 as core feature of laravel, but we can still get it as separate package using composer.

Nov 30, -0001

Route Model Binding in Lravel 5

Keep your Controllers clean and simple

Route model binding is easy way to inject Model instance for associated data such as id, slugs, etc, in your controllers, We will discuss about model and bind methods of Router class and how to use it.

Nov 30, -0001

Route Groups

Smarter way to add prefixes, suffixes and middlewares to your routes

Route Groups can be very handy when we need to share common operation to specific number of routes, such as adding URL segments or adding middlewares.

Nov 30, -0001

Named Routes

How to use named routing in application

In a large scale application, where too many routes are defined it becomes nightmare to maintain them, but here is the solution.

Nov 30, -0001

Routing in Laravel 5

Working with laravel routes

Routes in Laravel provides an easy way to create dynamic URL, Lets see how simple it is to work with Routes.